Proyecto Sostenible

In wich WORLD are WE living in ?

Sustainable Project
we are CHANGEMAKER ENTREPENEURS yes we are !!!!!!! and you too! we are a nomad digital holding, where we project ideas and solutions from information, education for the well-being of our environment and our planet, particulary to our people in Center America.
What do we do in our company?
We have a range of ideas, of projects where we are broken down from education about the environment, waste, to well-being, meditation. Projects for soil reclamation and local production in Panama and much more.

What are our projects?

-VIVIR SIMPLE Y VERDE - Blog and digital magazine.
-The art of a simple and green life (EL ARTE DE VIVIR SIMPLE Y VERDE)- book
-My soil(mi suelo ) - Non-profit organization  

if you are here ! YOU WANNA BE PART OF THE CHANGE !


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